Sandra Hardage

Founder | CEO

Sandra HardageI am founder and CEO of the online ministry: My Journey of Faith Ministries, a community of believers coming together for the purpose of encouraging Christians on their personal journey of faith. Unbeknownst to me, the Lord had been leading me to the creation of this ministry most of my life and had placed numerous training opportunities in my path for this specific purpose.  

First and foremost, He placed within my heart the desire to know Him and love Him. I became a Christian with a love for Jesus Christ at the age of 12 and my journey began.  As He prepared me for His purpose on earth, God placed me in many different situations in order to prepare me for this ministry.

He gave me a strong desire and love for teaching and thus I studied to receive a BSE and MSE degrees in education.  As part of my training and teaching experience, I learned curriculum planning and all things related to teaching.  I used much of this training and still do in teaching Sunday School, Bible study and leading women’s ministry.  

I had many positions including teaching in public school, working for our statewide PBS television network, working for an adult education resource center and working for an educational cooperative teaching teachers and administrators in the areas of technology, media and distance learning.  

I was given opportunities to learn television production, script writing, video editing, on-camera presentation and so much more. As coordinator of a small staff, I began my journey into administration that would lead to a much larger staff at the end of my professional career.  God has also given me experiences in conference and retreat planning and implementation, teaching educational computer technology, establishing and implementing a distance learning center for high school students, hosting national and statewide videoconferences, learning and teaching educational software programs useful for the classroom as well as many other technology related experiences. All of these experiences and others not mentioned here led to the creation of My Journey of Faith Ministries.

God has blessed me in this journey and continues to prepare me as He fulfills the plan He has for my life. For as long as He has determined to leave me on this earth, He will continue to lead me along my journey of faith.

To God be the glory!!



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Everyone is on a journey through life.  My journey is different than yours because I am uniquely different from you.  I believe that God has a plan for every life but it is our choice to choose Jesus and the life He has for us.  We were designed by God to bring glory and honor to His kingdom and spread the good news of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The following video gives a little insight into my journey as founder of the My Journey of Faith ministry.