Mercy: Filthy Rags


Definition of Mercy: not getting what you deserve


King Saul received a command from God to go to battle. He was ordered to completely destroy the opposing nation. Spare no person, animal, or thing. God meant business. Defeating the enemy spelled peace for His people. Destroying the plunder ensured outside influences couldn’t seduce the people away from Him. King Saul went to war and won. But instead of following God’s instructions, he kept everyone and everything he judged valuable. What he considered useful contradicted God’s perfect plan. He deliberately disobeyed, and the Bible says God was sorry he ever made Saul king. Read 1 Samuel 15:1-10. God didn’t need Saul’s wisdom. He didn’t even need his deeds. He only wanted Saul to trust and obey Him.

What we have to offer isn’t good enough. God calls our righteous acts filthy rags.  Like Saul, God simply wants us to trust and obey Him. It begins by getting rid of the filthy rags.

Receiving God’s Word

Why does God turn away from us?

Responding to God’s Word

Is there anything you want to say to God?


What truth about mercy can you relate to today?


Melissa Kirk