Miracle in Your Midst





Sitting this cold winter morning, Christmas music playing in the background, the tree lit and twinkling perfectly.  My favorite coffee mug in hand and a heart focused on Jesus.

I sat thinking of the miracle Christmas story of a babe being born out of impossibility.  He was born as a gift to the world, that would actually change the world and save lives forever throughout history.  This was a true Christmas miracle.

Fully wrapped in the moment my eyes were drawn to the photo Christmas Card tucked within the pine on my tree of our beautiful daughter, handsome son-in-law and the precious twin babies. And tears began to stream down my face.  My vision blurred as I made my way to the tree and took that photo card in my hand.

My heart immediately thought of the miracle they are.  These twins were prayed for years before they were born.  Their journey to life shines bright of the goodness of God and how His perfect timing brings forth miracles.

Infertility has been a battle our daughter and son-in-law fought for years.  It was hard to stand back helpless and watch them endure the joy, pain, excitement, disappointment, failures and heartbreak.  And this year they hold in their hands their own Christmas miracle. The twins were born against impossibility but yet perfectly in God’s time.
I think of what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph to hold in their hands a true miracle.  They were given a gift from God to love and raise this child and yet knowing He had a purpose to fulfill.  As He grew, I am sure while living everyday life, there were days that the thought of this being a miracle wasn’t in the front of their minds.  Life is still life. Trials come. Situations arise. And our focus can shift from the miracle while we forget for a minute the treasure in the midst of the circumstances.

All throughout the Bible are stories of miracles, victories and triumphs. Even they were overwhelmed with thankfulness but when hit with the next faith-testing trial seemed to forget what God had done.  We all experience this. God does something grand and when the next trial hits we are lost again.

In the Bible, scripture speaks of picking up stones so you can tell the story of what God has done remembering the victory, the miracle, and the triumph. Listened to a teaching from Bill Johnson, who likes to start out meetings by just asking his team to tell him what God did at their last meeting, conference or event.  They sit and remember what God has does.

I find myself there right now.  Here I sit, holding in my hand a true miracle to cherish.  Our daughter and son-in-law, I am certain, will have days, like we all do, where it’s not in the front of their minds but they will always remember the gift of life they have been given.

What miracle, victory or triumph have you been given?  What do you get to hold, live in or experience everyday that was a true gift from God?  Let’s take time today to remember, to be thankful, and to glean from that past victory so that we can get through our present situation.  

I know there are days when I need to remember because of the hardness of the next mountain before me.  This day I needed God to illuminate their lives to me and remind me that life itself is a gift and there will be times its so hard we want to surrender and give up but that these times are temporary and last but a moment in the largest of our whole lives. And that in never surrendering there is ALWAYS a victory.  I have prayed that all my grandchildren change and impact lives. These twins are impacting lives they may never know they touched through their story.

Take time to remember your victories.  By looking back you will have the faith for tomorrow.  We all have a miracle in our midst to draw faith from.

 Sheila Picard