MJOF Stats for 2021


Greetings Sisters,

I have some very special news to share with you. Over the course of the years that My Journey of Faith Ministries has been in existence we have grown. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure and this year in spite of the pandemic or maybe because of it, our reach has become international by reaching 174 different countries. The map above shows you the countries reached. The numbers are highest in the US, the pink represents the other countries reached and the gray are countries not reached. Some of these countries may only have one person reached but it only takes one to spread the gospel of Jesus to their homeland.

I am amazed and humbled that God is using us to share truth with the world. God has been in this from the beginning and has brought many gifted women to us to share their faith, their gifting and their hearts.

I must tell you that this growth is not because of me. God has been faithful to answer our prayers. It is only because of God first and then you that we are reaching the world. Thank you for participating in this ministry. Every time you shared a devotion, a podcast, a magazine article, created videos, participated in a retreat, joined our community, prayed for us, assisted in maintaining the website, provided funds and so much more, you were speaking God’s words to some one that needs Jesus desperately. You have encouraged, uplifted, and showed love, and even cried with someone who needed comforting. From the beginning you have prayed for God to use this ministry for His purpose and His glory.

Please continue to pray that we can reach many more for Jesus Christ.

Hallelujah! Praise His Name!
Sandra Hardage