My Childhood Celebration of Christmas



Though I was not raised in a devout Christian home, I have some fond memories of celebrating my early Christmases. On Dad’s last trip to town in the wagon, he took Mother’s list of items needed for cooking our Christmas dinner and for goodies Santa would bring Christmas Eve night.

When he returned, Mother cautiously took the fruit, candy, nuts, and other goodies and hid them in a protective place, but soon the pungent aroma of apples, revealed their secret hiding place. It was difficult to wait until after our meal on Christmas Eve, but finally the time arrived and Mother appeared in the room announcing Santa had come and left our treats for Christmas. Before there were so many other children in our family, on the night before Christmas, my sister Helen and I placed a clean dress on our camelback trunk and Santa wrapped our dolls and tea sets in them. I remember our dolls were alike except my doll wore a pink dress and bonnet, and Helen’s doll was dressed in blue.

We never had a Christmas tree, and did not decorate for Christmas, but one treat was Mother’s freshly grated coconut cake and two pies. I am not sure what other foods we had, but perhaps baked ham or chicken and dressing and some vegetables. Much time has passed, and some customs changed; but significance of Christmas has not changed.

Prayer: Father, though my parents and most of my siblings are no longer on earth, I thank You for sending Your Son as a babe to be born and then give His sinless life to redeem sinful men, women, boys, and girls from sin. I am not all You created me to become, but You are not finished refining my life. Continue Your work in my life. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  Doris Lisemby