My Choice Hot Mocha


Reflections From Corinne’s Garden
Magnifying the Light of Jesus in our Daily Lives
Day 2 – My Choice Hot Mocha ~ God’s Choice Obedience

“I am the light of the world. The one who follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life
John 8:12, NET


I am in Corrine’s Garden; my hand is warmed with a Hot Mocha, my beverage of choice any season of the year. Why do I like this beverage so much? What part does it play in my life? Is it a status thing? These musings led me to reflect on how my delightful habit affected my Obedience to the Lord in my daily life.

Webster says Obedience is compliance with an order or a law; God says” Keep and seek for all the commandments of the Lord your God” 1 Chronicles 28:8 (KJV) in other words OBEY! As I read this I sensed the nudging of the Spirit regarding my beverage of choice. I can hear you saying Whaaat!! Yes I am referring to my delight in Hot Mocha. I am a person who likes ambience – you know quaint surroundings, lovely smells, warm and cozy places such as Barista’s Coffee Shop. Each day as I headed out to meet Jesus in Corinne’s Garden I felt drawn into Barista’s.  I saw Mocha on the menu and that sounded delicious. Like all of us I could see no harm in enjoying a delight, after all I was meeting with Jesus and this was just a little extra support and warmth.” Let’s be honest here. It’s hard for a well-meaning soul that desires Obedience to God to live in a body made of flesh”. I ignored the knowledge that this habit in excess was particularly unhealthy for me. While searching for reasons why I felt this way I read this “Whatever it is, we don’t have to be rendered powerless by this pull. We can pray. Of course I can pray … I want to add this to my prayer list? It was the prompting of the gracious Holy Spirit who led me to prayer and over time I acknowledged a renewed desire to be obedient and ask for self discipline to break my habit. No, I didn’t stop my love for this beverage, yes it was a challenge, but as I limited my purchases, money was saved, unneeded calories disappeared and most of all I was able to say “Yes, God, whatever You want and mean it. I am learning that saying yes to God is no longer a discipline of my heart but rather the delight of my life”.

Keep in mind this is my story and how the Lord taught me the meaning of Obedience affects all areas of my life.  I want to encourage you to focus your thoughts on the importance of Obedience to the Lord as it affects areas of your daily life.

Thoughtful Reflections ~ write a prayer to the Lord asking for a greater awareness of His “Promptings and Nudging” that guide you to an obedient spirit.

Nancy Bjorklund