My Early Homes




My Early Homes


Perhaps my humble beginning and being reared in a small three room house, with no closets, nor other conveniences contributed to my desire to live in bigger and more expensive houses. However, the first house Ray and I rented after our marriage was a three room house, then another small house, and since we had furniture, we rented several small unfurnished apartments until after graduating from college.

Always, we had rented a place to live, but soon after moving to Granbury, Texas, we made a down payment on our first house. It was so much nicer than houses or apartments in which we’d lived, and I really enjoyed living in our new house, which we were buying it.

But after a few years we moved to Pasadena, Texas, and must leave our house behind, but had a new house built. It was a very nice three bedroom, two bath house with all electric kitchen.  The style was colonial with red brick and white wood trim exterior. We lived in that house until we retired and returned  to Arkansas. I enjoyed living in that house, and perhaps felt somewhat like Greg: he said he wouldn’t mind moving to Arkansas so much if we could take our house with us. After living in a house for awhile it rather difficult to leave it behind. However, we were very fortunate to sell it before leaving, and realized an excellent profit. Sometimes before leaving a house and after all furnishings removed, I went to each room recalling some of our blessings.

In 1980, our family moved back to Arkansas, and after about one year moved into a nice new house. I lived there until 2007, until preparing to live in Florida. Then the  first year in Florida I rented a nice house in Celebration. But rent was excessive; so I had our current house built. We enjoyed living here until Hurricane  Matthew caused rather extensive mold and we were advised to evacuate. We returned to our house after about four months, bur still are waiting for some repairs to be made.

Heavenly Father, You know this has been a difficult time for me, and I ask Your forgiveness when I have become impatient while waiting. Also forgive me when I have been overly proud of an earthly home. For I praise and thank You in Jesus’ name that this world is not my home! Amen.


Doris Lisemby