My Psalm


A Psalm is a sacred song or hymn used in worship… the following Psalm was written by Sarah Heringer during a time of Bible study, as a means of worship to her Heavenly Father.


You are my strength because I am weak.

You get me through and lift me up.

My hope is in you.  You love me!

Always and forever and all the time.

I miss it sometimes, Lord.

I don’t listen, see or feel you and I give up.

I have doubted your goodness and faithfulness

But all I have to do is look back and see just that through the thread of my life.

Your hand on everything working things together for my good. 

Because I love you.

Help me to trust you. 

To not fear what is to come but laugh and be joyful at all times.

Hold me up, get me through this, fill me with your son Jesus

so He can out-pour into everyone I meet and love. 

Help me to listen to your call and obey with no hesitations or reservations.

For you know the plans you have for me and they are good.  

So are you.

Thank you, Jesus.

Sarah Heringer