My Redemption Story

It was a Sunday and that means church.  But it was not the usual Sunday. With Christmas around the corner it was time to attend my grandson’s Christmas play.  Our daughter was in town and we decided to all go as a family.

We arrived at church and socialized and showed off all our new grandbabies then settled into our seats.  As I sat there holding one of the little guys my heart flooded. I became undone. I looked to my left and to my right and I was surrounded by my family.  Then I heard “this is your redemption story.” Tears filled my eyes as I sat there looking at them all. Yes, this is my redemption story and so beautiful at that.

For those who don’t know earlier this year God brought my marriage back from the cliff of divorce and He has been putting my life back together so beautifully.  We thought there was no hope for restoration but God’s plan was different than ours. He turned things around and has made it better than it was before.

I sat there thinking of the Christmas Story and Jesus’ life.  That was a story of redemption. His birth, life, death and resurrection is part of each of our redemption story.  In this Christmas season, I am reminded of that more and more.

Our lives should speak of redemption. I see Him showing me that redemption is shouting from the rooftop of my life.  God took what looked like it was the end and beautifully redeemed it and made it better than it was before.

I sat there that day in pure joy that only comes from the deepest thankfulness.  I love my family. I love that God took a very painful year that nearly tore my family apart and redeemed it. He took our mess, our lack of faith, the situation we took into our own hands and redeemed it all.

Ladies, life is just messy. Am I right?  Our flesh gets the best of us at times and gets weak.  We make mistakes. Make poor decisions at times. But God can redeem any of it.  He can take a situation in our life that makes us feel shameful and pour out a story of redemption that we never saw possible.  We always get caught in what we can see. We let it become who we are. We are the redeemed of the Lord.

So, go ahead—let everyone know it!  Tell the world how he broke through and delivered you from the power of darkness and has gathered us together from all over the world. He has set us free to be his very own! Psalm 107: 2-3 (Passion Translation)

In this hard fought battle for me. I had gotten tired.  I stopped fighting. I let my situation overtake me because it stripped away my true identity.  Once a beautiful friend helped me to find this again, I became the redeemed. I had a lot to say and speak over my marriage and family.  Even though I looked at this complete mess my life was in, I refused to believe this was it for me. I found hope again and began speaking redemption over it all.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so… I did.

Whatever situation you have faced in the past God can release the shame, remove the weight of feeling like you can’t recover.  He wants your life to shout His praise. He wants your story to be a story of redemption just like the life of Jesus. He wants you to rise from the ashes of the past, of situations, of bad decisions, and of what felt like loss.  Even if the situation cannot be restored, He can redeem that part of your story.

He is just waiting for you to say so. I am here to bring hope today.  You are the redeemed. God wants you to speak life. He wants you to have hope in even the hardest situations. You are the redeemed!

At His Feet,

Sheila Picard