My Stroll Down Memory Lane

Memories of a Centenarian

Scripture: “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the surface of  the earth…” Genesis 1: 1-2

One October morning Doris Mitchell Lisemby sat at her desk and looked out the window of the apartment.  As the sun cast its first radiant rays across a small lake beyond the apartment,

the sun appeared beyond tree tops in the distance.

While viewing that impressive and almost breath taking scene, I wondered where the time had gone! It seemed only yesterday that I was a young woman with my life and dreams before me.

It was an unusually beautiful morning with the sun just beginning to appear above the treetops in the blazing eastern sky.  Crispness in the air hinted that spring had arrived. It would be a perfect morning for a stroll in the woods. God willing, we shall pursue a stroll tomorrow.

Heavenly Father, many times we continue our journey through life without taking time to give You the thanks for providing such a beautiful environment in which to reside. How amazing that You took a huge mass of nothing and created this magnificent earth; so today we pause and say, “Thank You in Jesus name! Amen”


Doris Lisemby