Meet “Nancy Peevy”

Nancy Peevy is the wife to Gary and the mother of two grown up kids, Bethany (age 23) and Will (age 21 and engaged to Elizabeth).

Born and raised a Texan, she and her husband moved to Arkansas when their children were young. Almost twenty years later, they remain active members of their church and community in Rogers, AR.

Nancy has a deep love of the Word of God and desires to see women develop an intimate relationship with their Creator. She and her husband lead a young married couples’ life group, where she enjoys disciplining and loving on the ladies of her church.

Nancy and Gary also have a heart for the nations and have engaged in missions endeavors in different parts of the world.

These days, Nancy spends her time writing professionally about community events for a local publication, and when she is not writing, you may find her drinking sweet tea on her back porch or buying flowers to plant in the front yard.



Nancy’s Faith Story

My growing up home was warm, loving and nurturing, and Jesus was evident in the lives of both of my parents. They modeled their journey with the Lord every day – however, that didn’t guarantee my way into heaven. I was a strong-willed child with a temper and I sometimes wonder how my life would have been different had Jesus not captured my heart at the young age of nine. I fully remember the Sunday that, in the best way I understood, I decided that I wanted Him to guide my life. My life changed that day – not in huge ways – but in a way that I’ve known ever since that He came into my heart. Since that day life certainly has not been perfect and I’ve experienced extremely difficult times and times when I walked my own way, but I know without a doubt that He has my life in His hands. He has guided me, taught me, put me in situations to stretch and grow me, carried me through hard times, allowed me to serve Him (even though my efforts are very imperfect!), allowed me to share His gift with others, blessed me in innumerable ways and deepened my relationship with Him and my love for Him. I don’t know where I would be had I not accepted Him, but I know that my life would not have had the hope or meaning or purpose that it has had for all these years as I have followed Him. He is my Lord and Savior and I feel so blessed that I am His daughter.