Meet “Nancy Sabato”

Nancy is a Wife, Mother & Grandmother-

I live in New Jersey in a town that is community minded and have been married 38 years to my husband Dale, I’m a mother of two beautiful married women, I’m a Nana to two boys and I have very cute cockapoo named Bailey. The ministry that I serve in is Bible Study Fellowship as a Group Facilitator for 18 women that come and study one book the Bible each week for 9 months every year. This ministry is a wonderful way to help encourage women to seek a deeper relationship with Christ, we pray and share our insights in God’s word. This helps me understand the depth of a women’s heart as they share their lives with each other.

Currently I write a short weekly study from the book of John and am always learning and growing from that and have been blogging for over 12 years now.
My desire is to share Gods word with those who don’t know Him. I have been writing for over 12 years with always hope to inspire and encourage those who need to be lifted.
I am an Amazon author, currently working on a devotional book for 2020.


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Nancy’s Faith Story

 “My walk with the Lord began in 2008, when Jesus came into my life in the most powerful way and nothing has been the same since! His transforming power through the Holy Spirit has given me strength and a renewed spirit. I love to write, serve the Lord as a Mighty Ministry Warrior and Bible facilitator. I am blessed to speak and pray into the hearts of many  amazing women.There is nothing more that I want than to drive a woman’s heart towards Jesus and to know Him in the most intimate way.


Jesus; The Word

Jesus became the living Word of life. Through this book you will be able to understand the beginning of Jesus life, walking through the beginning of His ministry to choosing His disciples and to the resurrection. This book is for refreshing your study of Jesus and for beginning your journey through this amazing life of the one who has put His life as a sacrifice for us all. There are discussion questions and many relating scripture verses.