Meet “Nancy Sabato”

Nancy is a Wife, Mother & Grandmother-
She is the Minister of Harvest Metro Ministry, -producer of “The Call” weekly YouTube and podcast interview program with people that are called to serve and bring their unique stories to life. Nancy is an Amazon author of six Christian books, leading and teaching about Christ. The newest book called Pray Attention will be ready at the end of June on Amazon
Currently Nancy has been writing a weekly blog, she desires to share Gods word with those who don’t know Him, writing for over 12 years hoping to inspire and encourage those who need to be lifted and to point them to Jesus as the way, the truth and the life.


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Nancy’s Faith Story

 “My walk with the Lord began in 2008, when Jesus came into my life in the most powerful way and nothing has been the same since! His transforming power through the Holy Spirit has given me strength and a renewed spirit. I love to write, serve the Lord as a Mighty Ministry Warrior and Bible facilitator. I am blessed to speak and pray into the hearts of many  amazing women.There is nothing more that I want than to drive a woman’s heart towards Jesus and to know Him in the most intimate way.


Pray Attention

Pray Attention

Pray Attention is a place to read devotionals, write whats on your heart and see God answer Prayer.
Those whom love God and want to know Him intimately this is written so that you know He hears every prayer so when you pray, pay attention as God will answer, in His time, not ours. God wants and desires heartfelt prayers, prayers for under- standing, healing, for others and for people we don’t know. Over the last ten years I have written out prayers and journaled, I try to go back and see God’s handiwork in the things I needed and the things He kept silent about and certainly for my own good. Understand this is a focused way of growing in your walk with Jesus, learning to depend on Him and see that He has had your best interest in every circumstance.