Meet “Natalie Ragland”

Natalie H. Ragland is a veterinarian, mentor and author of the year-long devotional book Encourage Yourself in the Lordwhich initially began as a journey to deepen her relationship with God. Natalie continues to pursue her gift by writing content using practical biblical application with a personal touch. She believes that we must all seek Him, obey the call and complete our God-given assignment. She currently lives with her husband and three-legged “fur-son” in Tampa, Florida. Join Natalie on her journey by visiting


Natalie’s Faith Story

September 16th 2016 was a day that began as a normal Sunday until Natalie felt Him whisper to draw closer and dig deeper.  After recently moving from New York to Florida to rebound and regroup after encountering several health setbacks which not only tested her faith but strengthened her walk, she and her husband sensed God’s leading to this new location. After attending church, Natalie found herself sitting on her bedroom floor watching a sermon while hearing His still small voice echoing to begin writing devotionals in order to know the Word for herself. This morphed into a bigger calling which led to the compilation of a year-long devotional book that changed the course of her life and her walk as a believer. Although considered a Christian since kindergarten, Natalie’s life became more God centered and less world altered after that Sunday afternoon. Since then, she has formed her “Chat and Pray” prayer groups, provides mentorship to various women and continues to honor God through her writing ministry. Aside from her veterinary career, Natalie is currently completing a Master’s in Business Administration, posting weekly content on her blog site and working on a non-fiction piece about her three-legged dog who rescued her during her veterinary training on a little island in the Eastern Caribbean.


Encourage Yourself in the Lord

This yearlong devotional is filled with personal experiences, practical life lessons, spiritual maturation, and biblical content wrapped up into a very detailed journey which many can relate to. The goal of this book is to allow readers the opportunity for self-reflection, draw others closer to God, and for them to allow God to use them to their highest potential with the most important conquest to fulfill their own purpose and spiritual assignment.

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