Need Wisdom? Ask God

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.
James 1:5

One short verse, but so much truth here! Let’s unpack it together:

The verse begins, If any of you lacks wisdom. In order to receive, we must first acknowledge we lack it! A prideful heart resists asking for help. Self-sufficiency is a chief stumbling block to attaining wisdom.

Ask God
God is the source of wisdom. When we go looking elsewhere, true wisdom will elude us. At best, we will get a band-aid rather than a cure … at worse, we’ll be led astray to something that is not wisdom at all. If you need to know how often to change your oil, the best source of information is the manufacturer. We were created by God – He knows us best and loves us most.

He Gives Generously
I love finding “-ly” words in Scripture. Adverbs are powerful communicators; they provide deeper shades of meaning for us to glean understanding. Our great God does not just give — He gives generously. He is not stingy. He does not hoard. He never runs out. He delights when we come to Him.

He Gives to All
As a mom of four kids, I know the challenges of simultaneously meeting everyone’s needs.  When they were growing up, we instituted “Kid of the Week” to give everyone an opportunity to have special privileges like sitting up front in the car or going out to breakfast with Daddy.  In God’s Kingdom, we are all the “Kid of the Week” every day. Our God is powerful enough to hear the mom in Africa who prays for healing for her sick child, but also listen to my prayer for help to speak so my young-adult child will hear.

He Does Not Find Fault
There is no condemnation from God for asking. Have you (like me) ever shuddered as you heard words like these come out of your mouth:

  • “How many times do we have to go over this?”
  • “Why did you wait until the last minute to tell me about your science project?”
  • “We’ve talked about this!”

Probably good examples of condemnation. And we get none of that from our perfect heavenly Father.

He Delivers
We ask. He answers. Then comes the hard part: doing what He says!

In what decision, relationship, or challenge do you and I need to ask God for wisdom today … and then follow through with the guidance He provides?

Laura Macfarlan