No Turning Back

Roadways often have on-ramps to allow access to the highway. These on-ramps are not to be used to back off of the highway, but I’ve done it before. I know it was probably illegal but I was desperate.

As I was backing down the on-ramp, desperate to get off the bridge that was backed up for miles, I prayed I could reverse my decision and go in the other direction.

I managed to back off the main highway and turn around in the other direction, possibly escaping an hour delay in my trip.

As it is in life, I often find myself in the wrong lane, feeling I’ve made the wrong decision and trying my best to back out of the situation.

God already knows the best plans for me, so why do I constantly question His ways?

There is right and there is wrong. As a Christian, I know the right things to do. As long as I follow God, I’m going to make the right choices. It’s those times when I think I can change lanes, back up and do it my way, that I get trapped.

Choose life with God. Even when the whole world seems against you, God is for you.

God’s there to make sure you’re on the right highway. When in doubt as to which path to take in life, choose God. He will never fail you and His promises are available for a lifetime.

Job 22:23 – “If you return to the Almighty, you will be restored: If you remove wickedness far from your tent”

Dianne Petrey