Not Sick of Slavery

Are you fond of going to the doctor? Or do you wait until the last possible moment? When my mom was living, I always laughed at her because anytime I had the slightest sniffle, she urged me to visit the doctor.

My first reaction, though, is usually to wait. Surely, it will go away on its own. Surely, my immune system just needs time to work.

Sometimes that rationale worked. But sometimes it didn’t. I remember several times I waited too long and paid a hefty price in pain and discomfort.

I think we naturally bear quite a bit before realizing we need help — both physically and spiritually.

The Israelites were the same way. Oppressed for decades in Egypt, it took extreme circumstances for them to finally cry out to God. Only when their baby boys were commanded to be thrown in the Nile did they remember the God of their fathers and look to Him for relief.

We’re guilty of the same thing, I’m afraid. We bear many burdens — consequences of our sin, fallout from pride and insecurity, broken relationships due to unforgiveness and bitterness — and we never call on the Lord. We learn to deal with it.

Like Israel, we assume oppression is normal. We just have to learn to live with it, we reason.

So where is God? Why doesn’t He come to our aid? Why doesn’t He rescue us?

Perhaps God leaves us in our bondage until we see how oppressive our slavery truly is. If we’re not sick of slavery, it’s unlikely we’ll take a step toward freedom even when it is offered. And even if we do, when walking in freedom comes with challenges of its own, we might decide to turn back.

You’ve heard the metaphor of hitting rock bottom? Sometimes that’s what it takes for us to look up to find Jesus waiting to rescue us.

But we don’t have to wait until that moment. When we’re pressing into God in prayer and in His Word, He shows us just how oppressed we truly are. He illuminates the shackles on our wrists we have ignored for too long. He points out the heavy weight of burden on our shoulders we assumed was normal.

Ask God to search your heart and reveal areas of oppression that you’ve just learned to live with. When He reveals them to you, don’t wait, like the Israelites, to cry out to Him. Call to Him now. He is waiting to deliver you.


Jill McSheehy