Now What? A story of broken dreams and the God who restores them


Rachel Dawn knew God wanted her to speak, teach and train young women about abstinence. Then she experienced divorce, discouragement, disenchantment and the prospect of starting over. She asked God, “Now What?” He answered with a beautiful invitation to come and get to know the Savior for herself.

Her book, Now What? A Story of Broken Dreams and the God Who Restores Them is available November 4, 2016


What do you do when all your hopes and dreams come crashing down around you? When life doesn’t go as you planned? Have you ever messed up so badly that you felt like you’d ruined your future for good? Now What? is a story of how God redeems every broken piece of our lives to ensure that none of our pain is in vain.

Divorce, miscarriage, job loss… All of us have had some sort of life-altering experience when we’ve stared upward hopelessly and asked, “Now What?”

This humorous yet practical book will guide you as you discover that:

-You are not alone.
-God hasn’t abandoned you.
-There is hope for a good future.
-You can overcome the lies on repeat in your mind with the Truth.
-You can use your pain and passion to realize your purpose.

God has something greater than you can imagine planned on the other side of your “Now What?” moment if you’ll trust Him and come along for the ride.”

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