Only Words


“Death and life are in the power of the tongue.” Proverbs 18: 21

We may think that our words don’t impact others. We might think that they may not matter. We may not consider them important. But, we would be wrong. Our words impact others, they do matter, and they are important. My husband, Owen, and I sat and spoke with Lisa while she was staying with us on several different occasions about heart issues.

Lisa shared with us the struggles of a being a homeless addict. Owen and I shared about God’s faithfulness to each of us. Lisa shared of her gratitude for another chance at life. We shared how to apply God’s promises to her situation. The words which were spoken between us were eternally important. They were words of life, of hope, and of meaning. The words we spoke to Lisa imparted vision and a widening of her horizon. She began to see that there was a different way of life available to her. That God could make a change in and through her.

The words Lisa spoke created a deeper longing within us to reach the hearts of the lost. Her words painted a picture of defeated and broken souls covering their pain with drugs and alcohol. Speaking with her helped us to see that homeless folks are in survival mode seeking to have their basic needs met. That often times they won’t be able to truly hear us if their tummy is rumbling or they are freezing on the street. Her words helped us to further understand that faith must be coupled with action. Our love must be demonstrated not only in word, but in action as well. And that sometimes the action must come before the word.

We understand that our words impacted Lisa on a deep heart level, but at the same time her words impacted us on that same level. God gives us the words to speak forth and He also speaks forth the words we need to hear. May we have ears to listen. Not only to listen, but to truly hear what the Spirit is saying to us through the words that are coming forth. We need to not only physically listen, but spiritually listen as well. For they aren’t only words…but can also be God’s message from us to others or from others to us.


Tina Wanamaker