Our Line of Hope Is The Prayer Line

Day 3

Our Line Of Hope Is The Prayer Line

How many times have you put your joy in Hope?

Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”


Look at Paul; he was tortured, beaten, thrown in jail, shipwrecked, and so many other trials, yet he says right here, “Be joyful in Hope’. Paul separated himself from the prosecution and put his Hope in Christ.

Don’t you sometimes feel like nothing is left to do, but as you trust Christ, he lifts you up and shows you, for instance, when you sing a worship song or when someone calls you and asks how you are, or even when some small miracle blessing comes your way. These are things to focus on this year: the good things, the small things, the things that warm your heart and make you want to serve Him with joy.

Remember, our line of Hope is the prayer Line; when we need even the most minor things, we know we can go to Christ, and somehow, as we put our Hope in Him, He will give us the best answer because God gives us good things when we put our Hope and trust in Him.


Nancy Sabato