Passion and Suffering

Passion… an overwhelming emotion that is desperate for an outlet of expression. We have many examples and definitions of passion in our stories. In my own life I feel passionate about mothering my children in a way that is glorifying to God, protecting them, and ensuring they are kind to others. I feel passionate about encouraging women to own their stories and experience the grace of Christ in their journey. I feel passionate about freedom- spiritual and physical. These passions fuel every aspect of my life because without expressing them I could easily become desperate and overwhelmed. I have found that with intense passion there is also an element of pain. There is an intensity in the emotion that is angst driven and mimics desperation in a more directed way.

As I read our stories and did my own research, I found that two greek translations for passion are, in fact, suffering. The passion of Christ translates to the suffering of Christ. Other verses such as Romans 7:5 and Galatians 5: 24 describe passions of the flesh that are to be placed aside… once again the word passion indicates an element of suffering. There is a connection between passion and suffering that at first thought seems strange, but if you look closely makes sense.

I’ve found that anything worth passion involves giving a piece of myself. Passion needs an outlet, a means of expression. For Christ, it was His passion for obedience to God and salvation of man that motivated it’s full expression on the Cross. The expression of passion aways involves an element of sacrifice. Passion misdirected is sin, while passion withheld opens the door for temptation to sin- both sacrifice our spiritual health. Yet, as moms we sacrifice our own wants and needs for the benefit of our children. As disciples of Christ, we lay down our lives and pick up our Crosses and the Cross is the ultimate expression of passion through sacrifice and suffering.

Each post we share expresses passion both in the content and in the writing process. The women who share their stories endure an element of sacrifice as they give pieces of themselves with every article or post. They write because their primary passion is sharing Jesus with others through the experiences of their lives. So my question to every reader is of course-what drives you? What do you feel so strongly about you will suffer through sacrifice? What overwhelms you with emotion to the point that the need to express it borders on desperation? Where your passion is, so your heart is also, dear friends. For our Savior, His passion was, and remains, us. Can we say the same about Him? Jesus encouraged His disciples as they would be forced to make their own sacrifices and His words are true for us as well: those who sacrifice or suffer in passion fueled by obedience to God and His Glory will be repaid “many times over in this life, and will have eternal life in the world to come.” (Luke 18: 30) When your passion lines up with Christ, it is always worth the sacrifice.



Carissa Hardage