Passion for Jesus

As I sat in this very large arena surrounded by thousands of women, I was mesmerized by the words that slapped me in the face. Words so powerful I could not move… words that formed a question that I must answer.

I had come to Beth Moore’s Living Proof conference with a group of my church women. We had already attended many of her conferences to hear what the Lord would teach us through Beth’s words. God uses women who are willing and obedient to His leading and Beth is one such woman. He uses her to speak His words and when she speaks through the power of God’s Holy Spirit women listen.

I have been a Christian since the age of twelve and was raised in a Christian home. I was raised in church and fell into the legalistic philosophy of good works and striving for a perfection that I could never achieve. As I grew in my faith, I learned about grace and the power of the Holy Spirit that dwells within the souls of those who accept Jesus as Savior. I learned more about my Savior and His mighty love for me as I matured.

I have served in church in many ways. When my children were growing up, I taught the young children and continued teaching other ages as my children grew. I have taught Sunday School and Vacation Bible School, I was the leader of our women’s group and I pitched in wherever I was needed. Sometimes, I would fill in just because there was a need and because no one else would do it. I love Jesus. I knew I did and have all these years. But then it happened.

Sitting in the midst of these precious women, Beth simply asked a question, “Is Jesus your passion?” I knew immediately the Lord was speaking to me. It was as if He spoke the words Himself and sent them to echo in my ears and penetrate my heart. “Sandra, am I your passion?”

Passion is defined as a very strong feeling, a compelling enthusiasm, an intense deep emotion about someone or something. In other words, did I give Jesus my all as I would someone I was passionate about? Did I surrender myself to Him or was I only surrendering to Him on my terms? Did I love Him enough to allow Him to be the focus of my heart and my life? Was I willing to allow Him to use me in anyway He chooses?

Stunned by the question, my thoughts probed my heart for the answer. As I sat there while everyone else took a break, the question rolled over and over in my mind. And truthfully after examining my heart, I had to answer the question with “NO”. Jesus was not my passion.

That moment was one of profound conviction for me. I knew I had to no longer deny Jesus’ calling on my life. He demands total surrender. I cannot be the driving force for my life and please Him. My heart, my mind, my soul, my strength, all that I am had to be surrendered to His will and not to mine.

Since that day, those words “Is Jesus your passion?” still flood my soul. I daily ask for a filling of His Holy Spirit to help me to walk, speak, and think in a way that is pleasing to Him. And when I surrender my will, the Lord uses me in ways I never expect. I am humbled by His love and grace and the abundant blessings He has provided!

So, I must ask the same question to you. Is Jesus your passion?

His Will, His Way, My Journey!

Sandra Hardage

Ephesians 1: 7  “In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and understanding.”