Paul and a Farmer’s Tan


The summer harvest time is certainly a favorite.  In small farm-like community you will most likely, at some point, drive behind a gentleman moving his equipment from one field to another. Slow and steady, the driver eases to and from an acre of green to the next. It is likely that in your haste to pass the man and his equipment, you’ve not considered nor witnessed the long and hot preparation to hit the highway or side road. You just need to move on; pass; and get on with the drive.  In our family, the guys have always broke, repaired, broke, repaired again and again to the tune of “poor folks have poor ways”. Regardless of the tune, the preparation must keep going; the winter depends on it. You must cut, rake, bail; REPAIR, cut rake, REPAIR, bail; REPEAT, until the harvest is over. There is a window of time and if you feed any type of livestock during the winter, it is a necessity. The repetition last all summer long. It’s a labor of love. The gentleman on the equipment is laboring for his love of the livestock and the life style.

Paul wrote to many during his life time. Slow and steady, from one church to the other. He advised, encouraged, corrected and REPEATED.  Paul was laboring for his love of the Savior and the life style. And of all the Biblical accounts, Paul could have easily wrote humming the tune “poor man has poor ways”. Despite the long, hot, and painful seasons, Paul wrote continuously in prepping for the next. The spiritual hay, if you will; it was a necessity.

Paul and our local guys have a brother hood. They know the hard work, sweat and pain in one season to make it through the next. They acknowledge the “window of time” in order to prepare. And most likely, physically looked the same after a hard day of work. Paul housed in pits or holes in the earth and guys rolling around on the earth beneath their equipment.

The time is short and the work is tiresome; but it is a necessity for the love of the life style. “WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER” is a t-shirt that I doubt either fit the back of a local farmer or Paul.

Acts 20: 24 New Living Translation “But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.”


Jenny Stafford