Peace in Peril


In peace I will both lie down and sleep; for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.(Psalm 4:8)

We have officially begun the start of the first weekend of the seventh month, known to be the Sabbath month; a month seen by many religious leaders as a time to “rest” and recuperate spiritually. I thought about that today as our world seems so rest-less, convoluted and more and more confusing, which can create anything but rest. Have you sensed it? Can you feel it? Or is it just me?

We are in some perilous times indeed but just knowing that God is our safety helps me to endure when the danger around me attempts to shift the PEACE to PANIC within me. Can you relate? Have you been there? Or are you there now? Well if you have or are, read through this Psalm for peace and comfort today. It is so easy to see with our physical eyes all the craziness and lose our peace, but He provides us peace in order to lay down; to relax and to sleep; to rest.

Our rest in Him is needed to endure this wilderness experience. We cannot make it without it. I encourage you to see this month as one to restore the rest in Him that you need in order to continue on the journey. The next time you lay down, close your eyes, reach out to Him, rejuvenate your relationship with Him and take in His peace as He provides the protection.

Stay Encouraged and at Peace!

Natalie Ragland