Peace in the Pause




John 14: 27 (ESV) “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

Bible Verse for Meditation: John 14: 25-31

The word peace is defined as freedom from disturbance and it is one of the most priceless things to grasp and secure, especially in this season. During times of great pause, where everything around us that we knew as normal is on hold, it can be very difficult to absorb peace but this peace that Jesus’ is referring to is not the same worldly view of the word. Jesus knew that He would soon have to suffer and die for all of our sins, but He was also confident in our Father even though pain and torment were up ahead waiting for Him but the peace that God provides cannot be understood under mortal, carnal thinking. It can only be sensed during a spiritual awakening.

The pandemic created more panic than peace and so many spent more time trying to attain physical items in order to feel a level of comfort that they ascribe to peace. Although having enough items within our physical home is important, harnessing peace within our spiritual dwelling is vital in order to go the distance in the desert. What we focus on will be attracted to us and as hard as it is to not panic, create peace in the pause. This pause is a time for deep reflection, spiritual alignment, prioritizing time and ensuring God is in the center of it all.

But in order to harness this, you must seek the source. It is true according to Matthew that if we seek His face, then all things will be added unto us. All things include peace but this means that we should be in a posture to seek Him and do so on a continual basis to become renewed in this area daily. Of course, we are all concerned about what is happening, how can we not be? There is so much suffering, pain and uncertainty, but we must not let our hearts be troubled. We must seek the source for peace. In this time of pause, we must replenish ourselves with God’s promises and goodness. We must think on good things, including the peace that surpasses all understanding, the confidence that His ways are higher, the assurance that we are His chosen and the faith that He will complete that which He has created us to be.

Natalie Ragland