Peace! Peace! Where There Is No Peace

Whether it’s John Lennon’s song, “Give Peace A chance!”, or those familiar words of Ecc. 3, The Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn”-“a time for peace, that’s where it’s not too late.” Christmas always closes with the resounding secular songs of peace. But what type of peace are these songwriters talking about? , you might say. Why, the stoppage of any wars, where innocent men. Women, and children are mercilessly murdered.

These hopeful heralds are crying out the refrain that has been written thousands of years ago. Prophets like Jeremiah6;14- Ezekiel13: 10 and Hosea 9: 7- all touted this mantra.

The peace that Jerusalem wanted in these references was not having any more of their enemies- Caldea, Moab, Asyria- to annihilate God’s Holy City. Nothing has changed in over 3,000 years, has it ?

Even now, in our divided country, there are racially charged incidents, suicides of young people, etc. we could go on for hours bemoaning their effects upon our society. The peace that Paul espouses in Phil. 4:6-7, is probably the best advice we could give. “Don’t be anxious, when you’re asking for a specific request. Praise and thank God for what He’s going to do over it. Then His peace, which surpasses all your understanding will flood your heart and mind, within the parameters of Jesus’s bountiful provision.” (My translation) That’s the true peace we need to foster-God’s peace.

Lord, as we see the chaotic news stories, and events around our world, may we remind ourselves that Your peace, brought to us by the “Prince of Peace,” will only stand. Help us to be peacemakers. Give us opportunities to show that peace in whatever or wherever we’re involved. Thank You for this peace that only You can bring. We love You. In Your Precious Name, we pray. Amen!

Olivia Ostergaard