Pollen In the Air



Standing outside by the pond with Daddy waiting and watching for the great destroyer, known to some as the beaver, to make his return I was overtaken by a heavy fog that encompassed everything in its path. A huge swatch of yellow color came from the trees and swept over us, went across the pond and seemed to have no end in sight. It reminded me of a plague of locust swarming in the air from the movie Prince of Egypt. That image prompted my next thought… sin is like pollen.

Sin comes at you from all directions and sometimes when least expected. Sin affects each person differently, just as pollen allergies. Allergies only affect you as where sin can affect everyone you love.

If you could see sin coming at you like pine pollen in the spring, would you avoid it?  Embrace it?  Prepare for it?

To avoid or lessen the effects of allergens we take medicines or shots, wear dust mask, keep windows closed, stay indoors during peak times of the day. We launder our clothes and shower immediately to wash away the pollen’s grittiness from ourselves. Pollen manifests itself in your body as itchy/watery/red eyes, stuffy/runny nose, sneezing, headache and a feeling of overall run down.

Sin on the other hand comes to us in ways that are usually more desirable. A few examples could be attractive men and women, decadent desserts, parties, and money.  These examples could encourage lust, gluttony, over indulgences and theft or greed. Sin, like allergies, can cause similar ill feelings especially when under conviction.

It can cause you to be unhappy, defensive, irritable, angry, and negative, run down, tensed, stressed, headaches, stomach aches and nausea. So to counter the feelings of conviction do you medicate the same as you do when you have an allergy flare up? You may if you do not know you are under conviction. Sometimes we are so self-absorbed that we do not recognize conviction as being the underlying cause.  Others that are Christ believers may recognize your “symptoms” and approach you in conversation on how to accept Christ as your personal savior. They may even mention the “symptoms” they have noticed in you. How rude of them to act as if they know what’s wrong with you! It can be a little hard to hear. After all, Satan is doing his best to try to keep you from Christ. Up until this point, it hasn’t been that hard for him has it?

Now that it’s been brought to your attention that there is a Savior and that you are in need of one your mind begins to ponder the possibility. Like allergy symptoms, relief isn’t always immediate. It may take you several days, weeks, months or even years to come the realization that Christ is what you need in your life. Like allergies, conviction is different for all of us. Each of us has a weakness and Satan knows how to keep reminding us of that.

Once you understand and accept that Jesus was born, came to earth to bear our sins on the cross, died, was resurrected and is coming again, he will live in your heart forever and you will have eternal life. Just as rain washes the air of pollen, Jesus washes you of sin.

John 19: 16-18 Crucifixion

John 19: 28-30  Death

John 20 : 1-9; John 20: 26- 29  Resurrection

Act 1: 10—11 Ascension/Return

John 3: 16-17 Eternal life

Romans 10: 9-13 How to be saved

So there you are. Your heart is full of Jesus and a perfect life is on the horizon for you! Not so fast!  That’s not how it works. Just because you are now a believer doesn’t mean the stressors of life will quietly pass you by.   I have found quite the opposite to be true. Remember Satan was doing his part to keep you from knowing Jesus personally and it had been relatively easy thus far. Now you have changed the nature of the game. You have now provided Satan with some competition.  From that moment of acceptance in Jesus a mighty battle for your soul was waged. Jesus will defend you until your last breath. You do have to do your part and try to live as near a perfect sin free life as you can. I will tell you, that is impossible. Only one person has ever been or ever will be perfect and his name is Jesus Christ. Remember he took our place on the cross to free us of our sins. Our undeserving selves were cleared of a debt we could never pay.

Just as you arm yourself with the necessities to ward off an allergy attack. Arm yourself to ward off an attack of Satan and sin. Read your bible, be in prayer and surround yourself with others who are on the same mission of sharing what Jesus has done for you and what HE can do for them. Sin will still try to overtake you like the yellow swatch of pine pollen in the spring, but this season you are ready. You have Jesus as your dust mask.


Melissa Walker Neal