Potter’s Vessel Becomes Marred



“For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.Romans 3: 23


I was born first of ten children to my parents over one hundred years ago, and though I was a wanted child, and loved very much by my family, soon my young life became tainted by sin and I would not live an easy life. When about eighteen months of age, a sister was born to my parents and they must divide their time of caring for me with a second child. Then almost two years later, a third little girl was added to our family; so our parents were responsible for the care of three young children, plus their other hard work. Needless to say, they did not have much time to pamper us children.

It was difficult clearing ground for the small house on the five acre plot of land.  Building a corn crib and smokehouse, raising food in their large garden, and planting and raising crops on that five acres of land was hard work. Our mother did not have a maid to help with us children and to perform household chores. But as many other early twentieth century women, she did the best she could and left the rest undone!

Though God created man and placed him in a perfect environment, he would not remain pure and free of sin.  Earlier Lucifer had tried to make himself equal with God and was cast from heaven. Perhaps still angry and humiliate, he wanted to show his authority on earth, and would try to achieve that plan by causing God’s men and woman to disobey Him.

Have you wondered why Satan tempted Eve instead of Adam?  Do you think that he suppose he thought by deceiving Eve, he could get to Adam?  His strategy worked, and Adam and Eve both sinned and were driven from the garden. Though they disobeyed God, He was merciful by using skins of animals to clothe their naked bodies. That was the first example of blood being shed to cover man’s sinful lives.


Prayer: Heavenly Father, after Adam and Eve disobeyed, and all men are born with sinful natures, thank You for the shed blood of Jesus, that cleanses from all sin. I am thankful though a marred vessel that You continues to remold me on the Potter’s wheel, and I praise and thank You in Jesus’ holy and precious name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby