Practical Discipleship





Our greatest privilege is to pray for our children, not just a privilege but a duty – we owe it to the little faces around our kitchen tables to pray boldly for them every single day. We say that with such fervor because this world we are raising this generation in is filled with far more darkness than we could even begin to articulate.

We have created a list of 10 bold prayers to pray over your children – each one focusing on a different part of their life, character, and community.

  1. Godly Friends – Father, grant my children godly friends. Friends who will always point them to the Gospel no matter what. Friends who will rejoice with them, and mourn with them. Grant them friends who will be honest, trustworthy, and of righteous behavior.
  2. Servants heart – Father, give my child a heart to serve others without expectations of anything in return. Grant them a heart willing to yes to those in true need. Open their eyes to the people around them to see needs that need to be met, and listen for needs around them.
  3. Empathetic of others – Father, help my child be empathetic of other people and what they are facing in life. Even if it something they may not fully understand, help them to see the hurt of others and hurt along with them. You tell us in your Word when one of our brothers or sisters are hurt we hurt with them, and when they rejoice, we rejoice with them.
  4. Joy in the difficulties – Father, help my child to consider it all joy. They will face trials but Father, help them to know that Romans 8: 28 is true, you will work all things together, even the things that hurt. Show them your peace and presence for them to cling to in overwhelming and difficult days.
  5. Godly Wisdom – Father, supply my child with godly wisdom through your Holy Spirit. You alone supply wisdom and Lord I ask you grant my child with your wisdom as they seek to live a God-honoring life.
  6. Heart for the lost – Father, give my child a heart that longs to see souls saved. Give them opportunities to share the Gospel with people they meet. Allow them to be a shining example of your love to a broken world.
  7. Education – Father, guard my child’s education whether at home or at school. No matter where they are, allow them to shine a light for you in a dark world. Keep them safe when they walk through the doors and help them to stand strong in their beliefs. Help me to disciple my child in a way that will equip them to face the difficulties that can arise when they are at school.
  8. Obedience – Father, help my child to be obedient, not only to me but to You and Your Word. Guard their hearts against anything that will hinder their walk with You or make them stray from what Your Word says.
  9. Temptation – Father, you say in your Word that temptation will come, Father, I ask that you give them a way of escape. Give them a mind that thinks about good things, pure things, and things of your Kingdom. I pray that you guard their hearts and minds through your Holy Spirit.
  10. Courage – Father, help my child to never be afraid to stand for what is right in Your eyes. Help them daily to be strong and of good courage. Remind them that the spirit of fear does not come from you, but from the enemy. Open their ears to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit in all things.

May we be parents that pray heartily for our children, it should be one of our greatest joys and most pressing burdens. There is so very much that we cannot do in our own power, there is a work in their lives that only God can do.


Michelle Rabon