Private versus Public Prayer



Based on God’s word, I believe both private and public prayers are acceptable to God.  And based on Romans 8: 26-27, I believe the Father knows the unexpressed desires of each child’s heart and honors that desire.  During intense grief,  have you ever been unable to put into words the deep need of your heart?  The Holy Spirit knows what we should pray for at such times and makes intercession for us.  Though public prayer has its place in worship, I find it far more difficult to express the desires of my heart in public.

Perhaps that is true with others and is the reason when prayer requests are being given, someone says she has an unspoken request.  Jesus spoke some rather condemning words about those who pray long prayers on the street corners to impress others. While He was preaching His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said when we pray, we are not to be as the hypocrites for they love to pray standing on the street corners to be seen of men, but when we pray, we are to enter our closet, close the door, pray in secret to our Father, and He will reward us openly.  Matthew 6: 5-6.

We are not to assume this is the only place we can pray, but Jesus is teaching us the importance of spending time alone in prayer with our heavenly Father.

Prayer: Father, whether we pray to You in public or privately, we are to pray!  You created man for fellowship and it pleases You when Your children take time to talk with You. Forgive us when we neglect that privilege. We pray in the precious Name of Jesus. Amen.