Put a Happy Face On It




“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those are the called according to His purpose.” Romans 8: 28

One afternoon found me, Lisa, and my 2 girls heading to an appointment. As we rode along we chatted. Lisa asked a question, “What do you do with the bad things that come up in life? How do you handle those things?” I remained quiet for a moment and then deferred the question to my 11 year old girl. “What do you think honey?”

She was silent for a time and slowly responded with, “Well…I guess I try and put a happy face on it.” Lisa asked her to explain. She continued on by sharing that when something unpleasant in life comes up she does her best to find the good in it. She tries to view it in a different way…to put a happy face on it. I took it from there and further explained that God has a plan in the unpleasant, uncomfortable, and bad things. That although it may not be His will for us, He can still use it for His glory.

Romans 8: 28 is a verse many of us know and use often. All things work together for good. It doesn’t say some things. It doesn’t say most things. It says all. All things work together for good. This is where putting a happy face on it comes in to play. We can rejoice when various trials come our way because all things work together for good. God does a work in us and through us due to trials, discomforts, and tension in our life.

The happy face gets put on because we know that God will deepen our relationship with Him through the difficulty. We know that we will be further conformed and shaped due to the hardship which will leave us looking more like our Jesus. We understand that we can trust God through these things because He will use it as a tool to show others His glory and goodness and draw them into relationship with Him through it.

My dear friend, put a happy face on your difficulty, trial, or problem knowing the outcome in Christ. Look further than the problem. Look past the situation. Look beyond the circumstance to the outcome. And put a happy face on it knowing that God is using your difficulty to bring you further out of yourself and  into Himself. This doesn’t mean that the issue itself is pleasant. It doesn’t mean that it isn’t difficult or hard or painful. But, it does mean that God uses all of this to further our relationship with Him. And once we look past our present we can catch a glimpse of our future in Christ…and that my dear Christian is where the happy face comes from.


Tina Wanamaker