Quit Not




“I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”Philippians 4:13

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to quit? There were times when I wanted to quit. I wanted to quit school when I was in college because I had difficulty with a certain subject and I had failed a lot of times on my exams and projects.

There will be moments when your faith will be tested that will lead you to think of quitting. But do not quit. Remember the noble men and women of the Bible who encountered hardships. When Noah was building the ark, it must have been hard for him to do such an enormous task, but he did not quit. He just obeyed God, and he finished what he started, and they were saved from the flood.

When King Solomon was building the temple, he must have had challenges along the way, but he did not quit. He just followed the instructions of God. Like Noah and King Solomon, who did not quit but did the good thing that God had called them to do, God will be pleased when you will stay and not give up. Do it one step at a time, for God has promised to help you, and Jesus said that he will be with you.

When faced with difficulties, do not quit, because God will enable and empower you to accomplish anything. The Spirit will guide you. Then God will give you the wisdom and strength to finish what you started. So, do not be dismayed, nor be discouraged, and never give up, but hope in God, who gives you all that you need, be it skill or more intelligence.


Golda Dilema