Really Who Am I?

My desire is to be a true worshipper of God who not one who only pretends to worship and serve Him. But God sees my heart and knows that sometimes, perhaps many times, I faithfully attend church services but my mind and thoughts are filled with cares of daily living.

Though I out-smarted Satan and made it to church, he continues to distract my thoughts to other things or people in the congregation. I am disappointed that my friend Susan is not sitting in her pew and wonder why. A tall man is sitting in front of me and that is a bit irritating. Someone leaves the worship center and that disrupts my thoughts. The scenario might go on and on, and I doubt that I am the only believer who fights this battle with Satan when we endeavor to worship God.

Other times when I’ve had a true worship experience, before returning home someone or something happens in an effort to rob me of my joy. I remember when our sons were small, and we were on our way home after a good worship service and they got into a squabble and my mind was directed to them and their problem and off my Spiritual experience. The devil never gives up: now that I am old he uses any scheme in his book to hinder my worshipping God. And I know attending church is important, but I can have some true worship experiences here at home alone with God as I study, write, and pray.

Though Satan knows he can’t rob me of my relationship with God, he will never stop trying to hinder my Spiritual growth and worship is essential to that. Satan knows it is difficult to get self out of the way and completely allow God to control our minds and thoughts, but thanks for help of God’s Holy Spirit, Satan will not be victorious!

So who am I? I am one of the least of God’s children, but one who longs to become more like Jesus each day God allows me to live and serve Him.


Father, though one of the least of Your children, I know You love me not based on how I live, but who I am. I thank and praise You in Jesus Name.


Doris Lisemby