Rehab and the Spies

Rahab and the Spies by James Tissot


Scripture: Read all of Joshua chapter two.

The average Christian’s attitude toward people with sordid characters is not pleasing to our Lord: No person was too sinful to be loved by Jesus, He demonstrated that many times : one example is with the woman caught in an overt act of adultery. He did not condone her act, but told her to go and sin no more .

And Rahab was a prostitute, and her lifestyle not approved by Jesus, but He did not condemn her. I struggle with whether in God’s sight there are little and big sins. Because Jesus said if one lusts in his heart he is guilty of sin. More Christians need to observe Jesus’ command to remove the splinter from our eyes so we can see how to remove the log.

Prayer: Father, help Christians to be fruit bearers and not fruit inspectors. Each of us has things in our lives of which God does not approve. So Lord, cleanse my life and help me be forgiving toward others. We pray and thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby