Relationship Boosters



“Do everything in love”1 Corinthians 16:14

One of the things that is essential in life is a relationship. God established a relationship with you, and he also created relationships with you and your family and friends. God knows that you need relationships to live a better and more meaningful life. Here are simple and effective ways to have good relationships:

  • Love sincerely

Love people dearly. Show your love and care. Let your family and friends see and feel that you love them. Treat them and make them feel good. Make them feel special.

  • Help

Offer help to others. There is always someone in need of help or assistance, and you can help in many ways as God enables you to help. When you help, people will think and feel better.

  • Listen

Take time to listen to others’ thoughts, opinions, wishes, dreams, and concerns. Be considerate, patient, and understanding. Whenever you listen, they will feel important and encouraged.

  • Be grateful

Express your gratitude when others are kind and do something nice for you. They will feel appreciated when you thank them. Expressing your gratitude makes them glad.

  • Be honest

Be true to others. Let them know what you truly think, but speak with gentleness and respect. Be real in saying what you think and in giving your opinions.

  • Ask for help

People like to help other people. They feel wanted and needed, so do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. There will always be help available for you.

  • Forgive

People are prone to making mistakes, so be considerate and understanding. Have a forgiving heart. Forgive at the earliest that you can. Forgive with all your heart.

  • Encourage

Boost and inspire others to do good and greater things. Support them with their goals and dreams. Raise their hopes and aspirations.

Remember, God made you to have good relationships. Nourish, and cherish them as Jesus had done with his relationship with his disciples.


Golda Delima