The apostle Paul who had known much suffering and hardships wrote: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. And his suffering included: doing hard labor, imprisonments, countless beatings, five times receiving forty lashes by Jews, and spent a night and day adrift at sea. On frequent journeys  he was in much danger from Gentiles; danger in the city and wilderness, danger at sea, and from false brothers, beaten with rods,  stoned once, shipwrecked three times. He toiled through many sleepless nights, hungered and thirsted exposed to the cold weather. Paul had achieved much for his Lord, and he gave Him credit for all he had achieved.

My life pales when compared with Paul’s achievements, but as Paul, I give God credit for anything done worthy of praise. During many months while living in an upstairs apartment with nineteen steep steps to descend and ascend when leaving and returning to the apartment I did not often leave, and felt almost like a hermit, but refused to sit and stare at the four walls. With help of my friend Scotti Strickland I continued my writing  ministry. I wrote  several  books, composed some poems, which I sent to many email recipients, and emailed and called many people.

Heavenly Father, it would have pleased Satan, if I’d put my life and ministry on hold while waiting, but time is of essence and too precious to squander. Thank You in Jesus’ name for giving me ability to continue serving in a few ways. Amen.

Doris Lisemby