Rewards for Doing God’s Will

First, it brings peace to know we are living according to God’s will. I can not think of anything that gives more joy and satisfaction than knowing we are serving God where He wants us to serve. And when we feel that peace, we can put all our energies into doing His work. Then when Satan tries to defeat God’s will in our lives, we can with confidence call on the Holy Spirit to help us gain victory. As we saw in our devotional for Friday, the better acquainted we become with our heavenly Father, the easier it will be to know what He likes and dislikes.

God also knows the heart’s desire of each of His children, and when He sees a sincere desire to know and follow His will, He rewards that desire. The reward may not come immediately, but it will be accomplished. Let’s use the apostle Paul’s desire to preach the gospel to the Romans. He expressed this desire in his letter to the Romans in the first chapter, but it would be many years later, under circumstances he did not anticipate, that he would go to Rome. While he was in custody in Caesarea, Paul appealed to have his case heard by Caesar, as was his right as a Roman citizen. Acts 25: 12.

While on his journey to Rome he experienced shipwreck and other hardships, but an angel assured him he would stand before Caesar. It would be over two years and  suffering many hardships, and after Felix left Paul bound that he would appeal to Caesar. However, he waited and continued to believe he would stand before Caesar. But time while waiting was nor wasted: he lived in his own rented house, and preached God’s message to many. Also some think he wrote the letters to Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, first and second Timothy, and Philemon while in Rome waiting to stand before Caesar.

What a lesson for modern day believers who are always in a hurry!

We can accomplish much while waiting for God to fulfill His will in our lives.

Father, at 98, I am not sure what else You have planned for me, but this I know, as long as You give me physical and mental health, like Paul, I want to be busy while waiting to stand before You. I thank and praise You in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby