Meet “Ruth Basquez”

A lifelong resident of Kansas, Ruth grew up in a large family loving God and music all her life.  She married her high school sweetheart, Gene and has two daughters and four grandchildren.  Her greatest joys are spending time with her family, singing, playing the piano, cooking with her grandchildren, watching birds and scrapbooking.

Ruth is passionate about evangelism and using her gift of writing to help others.  It is her earnest prayer that this collection of poems and devotions will challenge you to seek a deeper relationship with Christ.


Ruth’s Faith Story

Ruth’s story coming soon!

In His Quietness

Can you envision Him sitting in a beautiful garden, in the cool of the morning? The birds are singing, the sun is beginning to peek up over the horizon, and the morning haze is lifting. You can hear the sounds of a rippling brook in the background, you walk into the clearing, and there He is . . . patting the place next to Him as He beckons you to come . . . sit with me awhile.