Satan’s Tool

 Satan’s tool is not an active sinner, but an inactive saint.

Satan has a lot of tools he uses to entice, deviate or persuade us into doing things against God. He’s on the lookout, not for the guy who is deep in sin, but the guy who claims to be a Christian, but neglects becoming a part of the Christian life.

You see, the devil already is in the mind of the thief, the murderer, the liar. He doesn’t have to work too hard to lure these people. But, satan’s favorite prey is the person who is good and moral, attends church on Sunday morning, but otherwise does their own thing during the week. The people who don’t have time to serve God, or people.

The devil seeps into their lives, tells them that it’s ok to skip church. He’ll convince them that they don’t make enough money to tithe.

Be very careful friends. The deception trickles in. It will knock you off your feet.

Don’t be a victim of satan’s snares.

Be a victor of the King of Kings. Fight satan with Christian active duty.

Ephesians 4: 27 – “and do not give the devil a foothold.”

Dianne Petrey