Savoring Prayer in Motherhood




Let me be the first to say that I am not the mother of the year and likely won’t ever be. But, we are surviving. Many days I live for bedtime and I wonder what on earth God thought when He chose me to be a mother. 

However, here I sit, writing about motherhood. 

Any mom who makes it to bedtime deserves a high-five and a foot massage. In my book, they are an expert in survival. There is no degree that prepares you for motherhood.

It is a job that is unending and comes with very little if any recognition. It is a daily sacrifice to do it well. But, most moms I know wouldn’t trade their job for the world, and neither would I. 

When I look at my kids, I know every sleepless night has been worth it. Every diaper of the probably 25,000 diapers I have changed was done with purpose. Every tear shed and pain of labor I would do again just for them. Motherhood is messy, loud and unpredictable but it is worth it. 

How do we savor this season? How do we make an eternal impact when we feel like we are simply surviving the days?

I cannot help but think of Susanna Wesley and her apron prayers when I think of motherhood. Her life was no piece of cake; she faced difficulties in her marriage, health issues for herself and her children, not to mention living in England after the Reformation. Many challenges met her but she made a committed promise to the Lord as a young girl, for every hour spent on entertainment she would give just as much time in prayer and the Word.

And this was coming from a woman who didn’t live in a day of televisions, iPads, or social media. 

Susanna had ten children under her roof and as you can imagine quiet was hard to find, but nonetheless, she stuck to her commitment and spent on average two hours a day in prayer. She instructed her children when her apron was over her head, she was praying, and not to be disturbed.

Susanna’s commitment was to pray, despite what was happening around her. This commitment had eternal impact, her faithfulness impacted her children, and they went on to win many to Christ.

Prayer is the glue that holds us together; it is the missing piece that connects us to the source Who gets us through every day. We crave peace in our days; prayer is what unlocks it. 

When the days are hard, we seek God in prayer. 

When we are tired, we seek God in prayer. 

When we are overwhelmed, we seek God in prayer. 

Even in the good and joy-filled moments, we should seek God in prayer. 

Mama’s let’s allow Susanna to be an example of what an eternal impact prayer can have not just in our spiritual lives but in the lives of our children.

Michelle Rabon