Saying No



“I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”Matthew 10:16

Life is not just about always agreeing on things. And you live life not by always saying “yes” all the time. Life can be lived fully by saying “no” at times.

Joseph refused Potiphar’s wife’s enticement to do an impure act. When Satan told him to turn the stone into bread, Jesus indirectly said “no” to Satan. God wants you to do the same. God wants you to say “no” when it will:

  • lead you astray

You will be tempted by the devil every day. It will be good for you to be alert so that you will not be deceived. Check if what is being presented to you is good and acting on it will be pleasing to God.

  • hurt you and weaken your spirit

Ponder if God will be pleased when you do it. Your decisions and actions should be geared towards your betterment and for the good of others as well.

  • drive you away from God

Resist when you know that an action will distance you from God. Ask yourself, “Will this act draw me closer to God or make me take a step away from God?”

  • cause you to fear

God does not want you to fear anything. Move away from things that would make you afraid. They will not be good or beneficial to you.

  • take away respect

The Bible says that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You need to take actions that will not damage your self-respect and others.

  • rob you of peace

Jesus gave you peace. Protect it and do not allow the devil to steal your peace. Think only of thoughts that you think Jesus would want you to dwell on.

You make choices every day and there are times that you have to say “yes,” but there are moments that the good thing to say is “no.” Pray and ask God for wisdom.


Golda Dilema