Share Your Joy

Christmas is a time of great joy as we celebrate the greatest gift ever given. We see joy in the faces of children of all ages as they marvel at the lights and decorations. We also see the joy on Christmas morning as wishes and dreams are fulfilled.

This past Friday evening I saw joy on the faces of several hundreds people who were attending the performance of The Singing Christmas Tree at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis. For a few short hours adults and children were taken back into time to meet a modern day Naomi and Ruth and to witness the re-creation of the birth of Jesus. There was joy in audience but it was outmatched by the joy on the faces of those who had worked so tirelessly to share the love of Jesus with those attending.

I want to share my joy not just at Christmas but every day of the year. Personally, I don’t care for the ‘politically correct rules’ of our time. I tend to break these rules almost every day. When someone says ”Happy Holidays” I answer back with “Merry Christmas” and “have a nice day” receives a “Have a blessed day”. Where is the joy in ‘Happy Holidays’? Joy is found in ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Have a blessed Day’. If you says either one of these things to people they automatically smile. I don’t see many smiles going along with ‘Happy Holidays’.

Share your joy and be a blessing this Christmas season. “And do not follow the customs of the present age, but be transformed by the entire renewal of your minds, so that you may learn by experience what God’s will is—that will which is good and beautiful and perfect.” Romans 12:2

Betty Lacy