Sharing Strength with Jen Weaver

Jen Weaver believes in sharing strength, and she’s got a lot to share. Listen to her words of wisdom about marriage from her recent book, A Wife’s Secret to Happiness. The book is fun, challenging, real and actionable.

Learn more on her blog, “The Jen Weaver” where she says,

“You don’t need to be strong all by yourself. Come, let us give and share strength. Huddling around the campfire, we tell stories of what God has done. Passing out swords and shields, we have each other’s backs when the enemy attacks. And yes, I’ll share from places of heartache and brokenness. But not so we can sit in the same soggy pile of misery. To urge you to move on from what you’ve known before. I proclaim God’s new things over my life, often before they’re realized. I encourage you to to do the same.”

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