Meet "Sheila Picard"

Sheila Millinder lives in Dubois, PA with her husband of Michael and they attend the TriCounty Church. She is a mother of two boys and three step daughters, a grandmother to four of the most amazing boys and two granddaughters who are so precious. She cherishes her family and sees them as her first ministry. She values friendships and holds them dear. Sheila loves adventure, discovering new things, and being in nature. Being surrounded by water is refreshing and inspiring to her soul.

Sheila is an avid reader of Christian authored books, where she looks for inspiration to grow and share with others. She finds writing is a gift which she uses to serve others. Her passions are the church and community, leadership and discipleship. She has a deep cry in her heart for women’s ministry.

It has been her passion to lead others to Discover their identity, Develop their gifts and Deploy them for the work of the ministry.

Locally, Sheila is active within her community. She has worked with Love God Greatly; which is an international ministry. With them she worked as the administrator over the online ministry and served in many different areas. She facilitates bible studies online, and locally in her home where she strives to challenge others growth, spirituality and personal development. She writes weekly content for Holy Beautiful which is an online women’s ministry, in doing so she hopes to encourage others with her words of inspiration and sound biblical truth. Some of her writings are being published in a devotional being released by Holy Beautiful.

Sheila is a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker. She can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching. Her desire is to aid your personal and professional growth, through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods.

Sheila loves the Lord and has powerful testimonies of His goodness, it is her hearts desire to see others experience God’s love in a powerful and life transforming way. She has a strong desire to raise up leaders and celebrate their process of discovery as they take the steps necessary for their personal journey.

Sheila believes there is power in our own personal journey. She shares real life experiences of trials and triumphs to inspire others to live fully alive and awake in every moment of their lives.

Her favorite quote is: “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we will ever do.” ~ Brene’ Brown


Sheila's Faith Story

As I sat thinking about my journey and what to share with you, my heart was gloriously filled with gratitude and joy. It's good to retrace our steps and revisit the carcass and gather fresh wisdom, gratitude and joy. I gathered up a few stones to share with you about who God has been to me, His faithfulness to transform and His power to heal.

I came to my Father filled with such the feeling of abandonment. I felt lost like an orphan with no home. Lost, lonely and filled with depression I gave my life to the only One that made me feel hope, feel love, and feel whole. I surrendered my life, was filled with the Spirit and so began the undoing of who I had become and the discovery of who I was created to be.

God set me free. As I faithfully attended church, prayed and read God's Word He turned my depressed hopeless heart. I began to see differently. I felt real life as God restored hope to me again.

He has renewed my mind, revealed real identity to me. I found purpose and passion. I found a love that I did not know before. He works in me daily to change me, to mold me and shape more into who I was created to be.

I have been completely lost and consumed by sin in desperate need of change in my life. God has taken me through the process of undoing all that I had become due to life choices and circumstance and revealed the person I was created to be. I have experienced great loss, addiction and heartbreak and came out better in the end. God led as I walked and even in the darkest of nights He illuminated my steps and saw me through.

I have been given a heart to see women walk in their true God given identity. I have a passion for leadership and ministry. God has given me a gift to write and I love sharing my story. I love to read, learn and grow. I am involved in the local church and various online ministries. God has truly taken the ashes of my life and turned it into something beautiful.

This journey has helped me to see the power that reflects from sharing our story. I have made it my purpose to be vulnerable, transparent and raw, at times, with who I am and the path I have walked. Because it is through the power of the blood and the word of our testimony that God is glorified.

Join me in walking out our salvation and owning our stories and sharing our faith so that we can see our sisters walk in victory.

Sheila Picard