St. Joseph

“Visited by an Angel” by James Tissot






“So he got up, took the child and his mother and went to the land of Israel” (Matthew 2:21 NIV)

We note in this verse how St. Joseph is very obedient. This is a profound reminder that we should always be obedient to God even when it is hard. St. Joseph shows obedience by listening to the angel and fleeing to Egypt, then he returns to Israel after Herod dies and then goes to Galilee, all in accordance with what the angel says. This makes me think of the different places our life takes us to. We might not always want to go to certain places or do certain things. But if it is God’s will then we have to obey it even if it is hard. Because his plan for us is far more wonderful than anything we could plan for our life!

Dear LORD, as we prepare for Christmas, help us to be reminded that we are your children and everything you did was for us. No matter where our life takes us, help us to hand over our life and our plans to you. Amen.

Steffi Siby