Submit to God



Submit to God,  Resist the devil,  And he will flee, Submit to God,  Resist the devil, And he will flee, Submit to God, Resist the devil And he will flee.

We all know this powerful scene from the movie War Room where Priscilla Shirer is weeping in her prayer closet feeling defeated and it rose up inside of her and she found new strength rise up and kicked some devil butt right out of her home and off her family.

There is something so powerful in the spoken Word. Speaking the Word of Truth out of your mouth in the midst of being weak and weary causes strength to rise.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4: 7  We know this verse and we have all quoted it. But there comes that moment when in the heat of battle we speak out God’s Word and a connection is made and the light bulb goes off and faith rises.

Then WE rise!  Battle weary, strength comes up from the deepest parts within us.  And some how we experience new life and overcome that giant before us.

Many of you know that I have written about the end of my marriage.  How I met with the attorney to finalize that filing of my divorce. Little did I know God had other plans. Two friends met with me on separate occasions and spoke truth to me and it was difficult at times.  I needed to hear what I felt God was sharing through them because I had been in the fight for a long time so all I could see was what was before me.  These friends came after months of heartache and struggle and released hope over me. I left my last visit with my friend with a completely shifted perspective.  I was ready to get back into that ring and knock the devil out and that is what I did. For the next two weeks every morning I plan and prepared and prayed over my life and my marriage and I began living out James 4: 7 in a very real way. I declared the Word out over my life and a shift happened. First in my perspective, then in my heart towards Him and guess what the devil did flee. He called me and wanted to meet and I still refused because I was resistant to the idea that He could change. The more I prayed the better he became and there was no other explanation other than the enemy fled and areas of confusion were revealed.  Long story short I am proud to say we are working on things and began a journey towards healing.  But I would not be here this morning celebrating the birth of my  7thgrandchild if it was not for submitting to God and His plan for us, resisting the devil and all the lies he throws at and watch him flee.  I am here because of God’s spoken Word being alive and accessible to us to use in the most vicious battles and see life shift and change.

Sister, we are all fighting battles and facing giants like David did so let’s let this verse be our sling and stone and make the giant fall.  Say these words out loud, over and over until faith rises up on the inside of you. Be prepared for an atmosphere shift, your perspective to change and God to even put His finger on you to change. God is ready and willing to run the enemy off.  We need only submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee.

Let’s see the atmosphere shift and see our sisters rise up warriors and take back the ground the enemy has stolen.  Speak God’s Word over your life and watch what happens.  I want to hear glory stories from all of you.  I love getting to know our women and hearing from all of you.

I want to lock arms with you and bring down the giant your facing.  So pray and speak out.


At His Feet,

Sheila Picard