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God Isn’t Done with Me Yet

To pick one moment and say, “that, that right there was when God wrecked me,” is hard to pinpoint. It wasn’t the moment our 6 month old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, it wasn’t the moment my husband deployed, or the moments I thought he would never return. It was a gradual build up, a gutting of everything I held dear before the final sweep of the wrecking ball knocked through my walls. Our first child was born during the week before finals of my second to last semester of grad school. I was on track for the life I’d …

Sandra Timmons

Cynthia talks with Sandra Timmons about her Journey of Faith through cancer.  

Jeannie Pallett

Cynthia interviews Jeannie Pallett who shares her journey of not fainting in the day of adversity. Her story tells of the suicide of her son and her husband being diagnosed with cancer immediately after hearing of the death.  But through it all there is victory.