Doris Cush

Cynthia interviews Doris Cush about the choice of being an encourager even when life hands you lemons.

Karen Hitchcox

  Cynthia talks with Karen Hitchcox about the struggles of life. Our horizons have things that seem to drift closer every day, it is how we face them and the next chapters in life that bring God glory.

Shari Edwards

Cynthia interviews Shari Edwards.  A wife and mother who is passionate about encouraging women of all ages to grow in every day life through a closer walk with God and each other.

Caryn Christensen

  Cynthia interviews with Caryn Christensen about her childhood years that were filled with abuse and how God does see you and longs to make you His.

Jajuan Legate

Cynthia interviews Jajuan Legate about her awful ordeal with domestic violence that led her to fight for her life. Jajuan’s journey has given her the vision to pay forward what God has given her…strength to survive and grow.