Debbie Geise

Debbie Giese joins Cynthia and journey of faith with a strong theme of redemption.  Debbie’s story tells how she learned that God knew her name even through sexual abuse and as an adulterer.

Sandra Timmons

Cynthia talks with Sandra Timmons about her Journey of Faith through cancer.  

Melanie Dorsey

Podcast: EmbedSubscribe: Android | RSS | More Melanie Dorsey joins Cynthia today.  Melanie is a wife, mother and lover of God’s Word.  Melanie’s journey includes the walk with Jesus after losing her youngest son in Dec 2009 to stage 4 brain cancer.Join us as we talk about her journey with Jesus through her grief, pain and questions.

Doris Cush

Cynthia interviews Doris Cush about the choice of being an encourager even when life hands you lemons.

Stephanie Shott

No picture is pretty without God in the middle of it.  Please join Cynthia as she interviews Stephanie Shott about her journey of faith. Born as a woman’s worst nightmare from a brutal rape, God has painted a beautiful picture with Stephanie’s life.    

Karen Hitchcox

  Cynthia talks with Karen Hitchcox about the struggles of life. Our horizons have things that seem to drift closer every day, it is how we face them and the next chapters in life that bring God glory.