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Healing Grace

A dear life-long friend sparked my memory today about a friendship that was mended only by the grace of God and it just made me smile. I am not the easiest friend to have.  I don’t say that for sympathy or to have a pity party or anything of that nature, but I can recognize my flaws. Someone who trusts very little and has people-pleasing tendencies with the added “always thinking someone is mad at me” feeling is just not a great combination for attributes in a wonderful friend!  If nothing else, I am OVERLY self-aware! I have ALWAYS longed …

Stephanie Shott

No picture is pretty without God in the middle of it.  Please join Cynthia as she interviews Stephanie Shott about her journey of faith. Born as a woman’s worst nightmare from a brutal rape, God has painted a beautiful picture with Stephanie’s life.    

Debbie Taylor Williams

  Cynthia chats with Debbie Taylor Williams.  Debbie is an authentic servant of Christ with a focus to encourage, challenge and inspire those in her influence to become women of passion, purpose and prayer.