Deb Rice introduces us to Christian woman who will share words of encouragement to you as we begin a series entitled “Reset” as we journey through these turbulent times.

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I Struggle

I am about to be very transparent because I know there is another woman right now fighting against the same struggle. I battle anxiety…the kind that leaves you sweating, panicked, heart racing, can’t breath, walls closing in, out of control anxiety. I have struggled with this since High School and while some years an months are better than others the battle still reappears and the struggle to control it can wear me down. Over the years God has shown me so much through this and taught me when triggers come, my faith must be firmly rooted, my trust must be …

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Look At Me

Do you remember caring for a child that wouldn’t listen or maybe you were at the doctor right before a shot and needed your child to focus on anything but the needle? You grabbed that child by the sweet little chin and looked directly and deeply into their eyes and said, “Look at me! Look – at – me. Focus on me. Stay focused on ME.” Don’t you think that God wants and sometimes has to do that to us to get our attention? I truly believe God sometimes needs to say the same things to us, but he adds …

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Sometimes A Push

Sometimes I claim I want to hear God, I ask and pray but yet after many tears, prayers and even some bargaining with God I still don’t have it. I still can’t hear. The problem is…me. I know God is still there just a He has always been, He continues to speak.  I have just moved away; moved away to the point that I cannot hear. Once again I find myself trying to “drive” instead of allowing God, but all the while asking God to speak-tell me-guide me but really at the same time not wanting to hear what he …

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Grace Under Pressure

“Grace under pressure”…”Grace under pressure”… the phrase that every good Southern girl knows, but one that I keep repeating in my mind lately. Ephesians 4: 7 says, “But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it.” I certainly need my share of grace right now. It could be the time of year, but I doubt it. I think that God brings me to these junctures just in time to learn something either I was too ignorant to get the first time or perhaps I just wasn’t ready to listen. Sometimes the lessons are due to my …

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Encourage One Another

The last few years have been an incredible time of growing and learning in my faith journey. I have learned so much that I want to share with other women to encourage and inspire them in their lives. Women are just such incredible people! We are CEO’s and writers and architects and teachers and wives and moms…and most of us, no all of us, will have struggles, uncertainty, tragedy, and hard times. We all have good days and bad days, hard seasons and seasons full of happiness. It is in those hard times we especially need each other. Support, a …

Karen Hitchcox

  Cynthia talks with Karen Hitchcox about the struggles of life. Our horizons have things that seem to drift closer every day, it is how we face them and the next chapters in life that bring God glory.